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Introducing the Inkwinks to the children

The Inkwinks Author's Visit is designed to help young children realise how easy, in principle, story making actually is. Inkwinks Author, Stephen Meakin engages brilliantly with the different age groups for their enjoyment and development, planting the seeds of understanding whilst having fun.
School Testimonial;
Claire Macdonald - Holywell Primary School Literacy Coordinator
The Inkwinks Author's Visit was a great success at our school. The children loved the characters and engaged brilliantly with the story. They were keen to create their own characters, and can't wait to write their own story about the Inkwinks! They were full of it all day, talking about their favourite characters and how they wanted to write stories themselves. There is great potential for older pupils to learn how a 'dual story' works - so there are great opportunities for engaged writing and excited pupils throughout the school, and not just for the intended age group of 5 - 7. We are looking forward to the next book!
Working with the Principles of Creativity

We all enjoy 'lightbulb moments', those special times when we get a sudden understanding about a particular thing, and children are no different. Having introduced the Inkwinks to thousands of children, the magical moment for Author Stephen Meakin is when witnessing children's eyes widen when they 'realise' how simple the process of story making is and that they can do it too!

The Inkwinks do not teach the technicalities of writing, drawing, colouring and painting, for they believe that is the work of parents and the many teachers each child will have throughout their schooling. What they do instead is plant the 'seeds' for understanding the basic principles of story making. Their work is foundational, visually joining the dots in the minds of young readers and helping them to realise that they too can imagine their very own characters, settings and storylines.
Inkwinks Author's Visit

Sample Timetable

09.30am   -  10.30am    :   1 hr 00 mins   :   Reception and Key Stage 1
10.50am   -  12.10pm    :   1 hr 20 mins   :   Key Stage 2

Session 1

9.30 - 10.30   :    Reception and Keystage 1

Introducing Inkwinks Author Stephen Meakin - 5 mins
­Stephen introduces himself to the children, explaining a little bit about himself and being the author of the Inkwinks.

Read The Park on the school's white board - 20 mins
Stephen will read The Park Picture Storybook to the children on the school's white board, fully interacting with the children to make it engaging and fun. This will visually plant the seeds of understanding regarding story making leading to those 'eureka' moments that make learning so rewarding and fun.

Create their own Inkwinks characters - 35 mins
On the Inkwinks Activity Sheet (supplied by us), the children will be asked to draw and colour the Inkwinks and create some of their own Inkwinks characters too. When done, they will show Stephen what they have created.

Each child will receive a free copy of The Park Picture Storybook as a warm reminder of when the Inkwinks visited their school.
Session 2

10.50 - 12.10   :    Keystage 2

Introducing Inkwinks Author Stephen Meakin - 5 mins
­Stephen introduces himself to the children, explaining a little bit about his background and the Inkwinks books.

Q & A Session - 15 mins
The children ask pre-prepared questions to Stephen about what it’s like to be an author and any other inquisitive questions their eager young minds may have.

Storybook Workshop - 1 hour
The emphasis for the Inkwinks workshop is;

1. All children are Creators
2. Visualisation and the imagination
3. Quality and the steady journey towards excellence

Children are indeed Creators, and as we are passing through this digital age, that creativity can be easily overlooked. Not by schools or parents, but the children themselves. The imagination is such a powerful tool and really is a lifetime gift.

So, before I set the children to work on creating their own characters and stories, I will bring the importance of this creative faculty that every child has to the fore. By doing some simple visualisation exercises to help them appreciate just how powerful their minds really are and their creativity with it, I will then set them to work on creating their own storybooks.

Each child will be given an Inkwinks Story Booklet and an A4 sheet of paper (supplied by us) when they are preparing their list of authors questions. The children will be encouraged to imagine and visualise their stories as much as they are able to. Starting with a theme before moving onto the characters and setting, I will explain to them the importance of ‘playing’ with ideas and to not take it too seriously. Stress creates ‘writer’s block’, so a relaxed but focused mindset is all that is required.

Quality is another principle that will be emphasised to the children. For example, it will be explained that if they spend five minutes on a drawing or piece of writing, then the praise they receive will reflect that. However, if they spend an hour on a piece of work, the praise will increase tenfold, for the increase in detail will be obvious. Not only from teachers and parents, but also fellow pupils too. Quality really is in the detail.

The children will be asked to create a short picture storybook from what they have imagined. The idea is for the book to be for a 3 - 4 year old sibling. Each booklet has seven double pages, so there is plenty of scope for all abilities with this exercise.

After the questions and answers session, the children will go back to their classrooms with their activity sheet and story booklet. Stephen will then move from class to class as they work on their storybooks. They can ask questions, and Stephen will give tips and suggestions as necessary.

Prior to finishing, Stephen will have a little chat about what they have done and learned. Photos of the story booklets can be taken and shown on the Inkwinks Website.

Each child will also receive an Inkwinks bookmark as a warm reminder of the time the Inkwinks visited their school.
How much does the Author's Visit cost?

Session 1 - Reception and Keystage 1

Under 50 pupils  -  £150

50+ pupils           -  £250

Session 2 - Keystage 2

Under 50 pupils  -  £250

50+ pupils           -  £400

* Travelling expenses to be discussed based on distance from Cambridge, UK
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