All children are Creators, and it's important they come to realise that when still at primary school. Their imaginations are a magnificent gift that's often overlooked in pursuit of academic excellence. By developing a strong imagination, great things can be achieved to the long term benefit of every child.

Children have fantastic fun when inspired by the Inkwinks to create their own characters and stories. The Inkwinks write, draw, colour and paint their stories to visually show young children how simple they are to create.

Easy to follow for young children and easy to read for the older ones, see the magic for yourselves when they start to realise that they, just like the Inkwinks, are Creators too!
Claire Macdonald - Literacy Coordinator Holywell Primary School
The children loved the characters and engaged brilliantly with the story

Zoo Picture Storybook
Park Picture Storybook
Birthday Picture Storybook
Seaside Picture Storybook

The Inkwinks inspire young children to create their own characters and stories...!

Paper: 2 x A4 sheets, 100 - 170gsm
Print Settings:
  1. Portrait
2. Borderless
   1. Print front cover on one A4 sheet
2. Fold and cut in half to A5 size
3. Take the blank A4 sheet, fold in
       half, and again, cut to A5
4. Fold all four A5 sheets in half. Then
       staple them together in the middle,
       with the front cover on the outside.

       Success!!! You have now made your
       first Inkwinks Booklet

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